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. anger against the united states continues to grow about the film the muslims say mocks the prophet mohammed. two marines were killed in afghanistan. six fighter jets were destroyed. there were riots at the u.s. embassy in jakarta indonesia. we will take a look at the wave of violence at 6:00. >> a local veteran is back on trial for the murder of his roommates, also an iraqi veteran. brad is live with what happened. >> closing arguments are an opportunity for lawyers to sum up the story they believe the evidence tells for the jury. today, they have gone more than six hours, almost unheard of. then again they seem to not be in a rush. it has taken six years to get to this point. it started in september of 2006 in a gaithersburg apartment shared by two former army rangers just home from war. a gunshot rang out. 22-year-old michael mcclain -- mcqueen was dead, shot in the head. his roommate told police an intruder did it. then he changed his story and said it was suicide. smith told police in a panic he threw the gun in a lake. in large part because of the changing story smith was char
out and that could be -- that could become nadine. no threat to the eastern united states. temperatures all over the east are into the '60s and '70s. there is the nasty front heading out to sea. the overall pattern is building a bridge over us which means high pressure and dry air. as we go through the nighttime hours, the cloud will dissipate. look at the morning low temperatures. it will actually be lower than this. probably in to the high 40's. a warm sweater for the youngsters heading out to school. once again the afternoon temperatures are ideal. low humidity and the pattern continues to march night. when you get up, head out to work tomorrow morning temperatures are in the mid '40's. even the folks into southern maryland, you will see in the high 40's. a delightful day with temperatures near 80. that will be the story heading into the week. the next risk of showers not until saturday. we will keep you posted as we always have. you can also check out of the skies. we have a whole page of our sky cameras and it will be beautiful blue skies all over the >> and a search for justice tonight after a deadly attack. the united states helping to rebuild a country. good evening. our big story at 6:00 the u.s. government wants to know what was behind the killings of the american ambassador and three others during an assault in libya. >> they are focusing on the motives behind the attack. they are looking into whether it was a planned terrorist strike to mark the anniversary of the september 11 attacks. scott thuman is following the latest in the developments. >> maureen, gordon, yes there is a lot of confusion about what happened and who is responsible. it appears to be a random demonstrations spiraling out of control, and some think it might have been a cover for a larger terror attack. widespread anger all directed at the u.s., and yesterday now a big concern, and the ambassador and three others now killed, and
the china ruling party as selfless. also other terms. it also cited the united states. a muslim cleric is behind bars in pakistan after police say he planted evidence against a christian girl. the iman handed evidence say the girl burned papers containing verses of the koran and the girl has a release hearing scheduled for tomorrow. and ethiopians are remembering their long-serving prime minister today could lead the country from 1991 until his death over one week ago. he was known as a leader who worked tirelessly to stamp out poverty, and at least 20 african presidents came to the ceremony. he died of an infection at the age of 57 years old. there were heavy clashes in syria as government forces battled opposition fighters in various cities. at least 162 people died across the war-torn country tomorrow, according to activists and refugees are pouring into neighboring turkey and the prime minister is calling for a no-flight zone over the area. a report. >> so far, turkey has absorbs about 80,000 refugees about two under thousand people fleeing syria, and many crossing the border into
their guns, didn't. fought crossing the bridge into german territory. dwight d. eisenhower, t of the united states. heroism still appreciated by veterans of other wars. he did a lot in his day. we all appreciate that. still drives, still still thinks like a soldier. >> it is the ultimate test of strength of your will power and courage. believe you are going to make it. >> he and 175 other world war two veterans will be honored tomorrow at a special ceremony at the silver spring civic building. it is open to the public. one final chance for everyone to say thank you. we all say thank you. >> a legal victory for the duke cambridge pretty ordered the has publisher of a gossip magazine all copies of the that showcased topless. the magazine faces a 10,000 euro time it violates the order. that has done little to slow spread of the photos already of the publication. meanwhile, they have wrapped up day jubilate tour. prince william called it the highlight to the trip. there were flower girls and gatt and grass skirts. is a look at what is up tomorrow -- is a business andr couric will talk about eve
disease of the -- is the number one cause of death in the united states. >> the nfl has pledged $30 million for medical research at the nih. doctors will examine brain injuries. it is designed to benefit athletes, service members, and the general population. >> mcdonald's is about to open up to restaurants that do not have big macs or chicken mcnuggets on the menu. the vegetarian restaurants are opening in india and will be the first that do not serve me. it can breathe a sigh of relief. they're in india. the spicey paneer is on the menu. >> good to see you. >> let's take a look. we have changes in the washington airport authority. after reports of lavish spending. a big decision was made today about the travel policy for members of the board and that is not all. gretza cruz attended the meeting and she will have a breakdown on what is to come. >> let's see what is happening weather-wise. >> it is warm and humid. conditions will continue through the evening. 85 right now that reagan national airport. 86 in frederick. you factor in the moisture and the humidity and dew point calculat
.s. capitol every state has to statues on this place -- on display. >> are historical place here in the united states. >> after years of fighting for the same honor, the senate approved a measure to allow one historic statute a spot, the statue of abolitionist leader frederick douglass. >> we certainly want him to be at our nation's capital. i am glad to see that. >> the bronze statue is standing tall in downtown d.c. >> it is symbolic and a number of ways. >> just across the room is the statue of the man who planned the city of washington. >> right now there is no official date on when the statue will be moved to the capital visitor center. it will be inside emancipation hall. that is very special because back in 2007, emancipation hall was named in honor of the slave who helped build the u.s. capitol. >> that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00 but stick around. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> life and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> good evening, once again. 37 days until the presidential election and polls show a tough fight for the candidates. >> both mitt romney and p
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7